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Neutron 1RU Ethernet-Based AV Controller

  • Compact 1RU Rack Mount Design
  • Powerful (8 Bi-Directional RS-232, 8 IR, 8 Relays, 8 Sensors)
  • Ethernet controlled
  • Open Architecture (published command set)
  • Compatible with most popular Touch Panels

CP500-100 Overview

The CP500-100 Neutron Controller is a 1RU rack-mount Ethernet-based controller with (8) RS-232 bi-directional ports, (8) IR ports, (8) relay ports, and (8) sensor ports.


Designed to extend the capabilities of the company’s highly regarded MultiTouch line of touch panels, the Neutron CP500-100 is a rackmountable, 1RU controller that is ideal for use in installations where a sizeable number of components must interact , including large boardrooms and presentation spaces, lecture halls, residential control systems, and operations centers.

Providing multi-point device control and the ability to reside in any standard 19-inch equipment rack, the Ethernet-based, Neutron CP500-100 Controller supports multiple Altinex MultiTouch touch panels and provides control of up to eight RS-232 bi-directional devices, eight IR (infrared) devices, eight Relay-based devices, and eight Sensor devices—making it the ideal large system controller for managing projectors and LCD/Plasma display panels, lighting, motorized equipment such as drapes or drop-down screens, and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems.

The Altinex Neutron CP500-100 Controller offers a 12V DC power terminal block, an RJ-45 Ethernet port and multiple 5-pin terminal blocks—four each for the Sensor inputs, the Relay-based devices, RS-232 devices, and IR control. The Neutron Controller is designed to work with a wide variety of sensors, including motion sensors, IR detectors, AC Power sensors, Video Signal detectors, and RF detectors. The four Sensor inputs accept sensor output voltages up to 24 VDC and each sensor input has an independent trigger level setting that can be used to determine if a sensor has been “tripped” or “activated” based on movement, occupancy, etc.—depending on the sensor type.

The Neutron Controller’s eight relays can be used to control external devices such as a projector screen and can also be used to route power to low power DC devices. The Neutron Controller’s eight bi-directional RS‑232 COM ports are able to communicate with virtually any serial device such as computers and control systems. Each port can be individually set with different baud rates, parity, stop bits, and data bits—enabling a control application to operate different devices from a single remote location through the TCP connection via Ethernet. LED indicators on the rear of the controller show Ethernet activity and verify that the RS-232 has been wired properly.

Supporting three distinct methods for IP control, the Neutron CP500-100 Controller’s IR capabilities are extensive. Using an IR receiver such as the Altinex AC301‑103, an AV system can be created that enables a user to aim a remote control at a wall mount or other receiver and then automatically redirect the remote control's signal to the IR emitters connected to the two output pins of the controller. Alternately, a computer, controller, or other device can send IR command strings from the Altinex IR library directly to the Neutron Controller using an Altinex MultiTouch panel. Further, IR commands can be stored in the Neutron's internal memory for the purpose of controlling external devices.

Technical Specifications





Power: (1) 2-pin Terminal Block

Sensor Input: 0-24 VDC max.

Ethernet: (1) RJ-45 F

IR In 1: Pass-Through to IR1+ and IR2+

Sensors: (4) 5-pin Terminal Block

IR In 2: Pass-Through to IR3+ and IR4+

Relays: (4) 5-pin Terminal Block

IR In 3: Pass-Through to IR5+ and IR6+

RS-232: (4) 5-pin Terminal Block

IR In 4: Pass-Through to IR7+ and IR8+

IR: (4) 5-pin Terminal Block


Sensor Power: +12 VDC, 0.15A max.

Sensor Power: +24 VDC, 0.15A max.

Relays (capacity): +24 VDC, 0.5A max. or +12 VAC, 0.25A max.

IR1 - IR8 Modulation: 38 or 56 kHz

IR Power: +12 VDC, 0.15A max.


Ethernet: 10/100 Base-T

RS-232: RX1/TX1 - RX8/TX8

Baud Rates: 1200 to 57600

Data Bits: 8 or 9

8 Bit Parity: None, Odd, or Even

Stop Bits: 1 or 2

Power Consumption

+12V: 3.1A

Total Power: 37.2W max.



Material/Color: 0.9in Al / Black


Height: 1.8in (46mm)

Power Adapter: +12 VDC, 1.2A

Width: 17.0in (432mm)

AC Cord, NEMA to NEC: 6ft (2m)

Depth: 9.0in (229mm)

IR EMitters: (2) 6ft (2m)

Weight: 4.5lb (2.0kg)

CAT-6 Crossover Cable: 7ft (2m)

Shipping Weight (approx.): 9.5lb (4.3kg)

Hardware: Hook & loop fastening tape with adhesive backing, Terminal block connectors, Cable ties

T° Operating: 10°C-50°C


T° Maximum: 75°C

AC301-101: Ceiling Occupancy Sensor

Humidity: 90% non-condensing

AC301-103: IR Receiver

MTBF (calc.): 38,000hrs

AC301-102: Power Controller, NEMA

AC301-106: Power Controller, IEC

PS100-101: Spare Power Adapter, 1.2A

PS100-102: Power Adapter, 4A

AC101-302: Spare 5-Pin Term Block Connector