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Altinex, a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions®, is pleased to announce the availability of two new additions to the company’s popular Muse HDMI+Power+IR+RS-232 signal management and distribution system. The new MU400-123 transmitter and MU500-122 receiver units, with their bi-directional capabilities, facilitate additional capabilities for demanding AV installations.


With the new MU400-123 and MU500-122 units, integrators can send AC power to the far end and send an HDMI signal back to the near end. This “reverse” capability provides integrators with the power necessary for video equipment and the ability to send an HDMI signal back to the AV rack. A typical setup would include video equipment located at the point of use, and the signal is sent to the video switcher. With “reverse” capabilities, the local power to video equipment is provided by Muse through CAT6 cable and the HDMI signal is fed back using the same CAT6 cable.


Like all Muse system products, the new Altinex MU400-123 and MU500-122 are fully compliant with HDMI and HDCP standards. Advanced features of the MU400-123 Power Transmitter, HDMI /IR/RS-232 Receiver provide a safe and reliable way of sending both signal and power over a single unshielded CAT6 cable as well as RS-232 and infrared control of third party devices. The output of the MU400-123 unit is monitored for power consumption and when power is exceeded, the output is turned off to protect all components. The Muse can power devices with a maximum continuous power consumption of 150 watts. The MU400-123 has many advanced features to safely transmit power to the source and receive HDMI video. These features include current monitoring, auto shutdown, and auto receiver detection.


The MU500-122 provides constant power and voltage to the HDMI source device. When the CAT6 cable length increases, the system automatically adjusts itself to provide the maximum possible power to the display. The MU400-123 and MU500-122 combination has a built in IR channel that allows IR signals to be sent from the MUSE transmitter (display side) to the Muse receiver (HDMI source side), to control AV equipment. This feature simplifies setup and provides convenience when AV equipment is hidden from sight.


Like all Altinex products, build quality and reliability are key traits. The new Muse system components exhibit state-of-the-art design and technology designed to provide years of trouble-free operation.


Grant Cossey, Altinex Vice President of Sales, commented on the addition of the MU400-123 and MU500-122 to the company’s Muse product line. “In the relatively short time that Muse has been available, the equipment has dramatically changed the AV installation market,” he said. “Integrators now have far greater control over their projects. With the addition of the new MU400-123 and MU500-122, the capabilities of the system expand even further. Now, a live camera feed can easily be incorporated into the environment, providing additional system flexibility. I’m confident these two new units will add more capability than ever to a multitude of AV applications.”


The new Altinex MU400-123 and MU500-122 are available now on a made to order basis (MOQ: 300pcs). MSRP for the MU400-123 is $700.00 while the MU500-122 is $795.00.