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Altinex, a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions®, is pleased to announce the new TNP328 / TNP328S Tilt ‘N Plug compact hybrid interconnect boxes. Available in both high quality matte black (TNP328) and clear brushed aluminum (TNP328S) finishes, the TNP328 and TNP328S interconnect boxes offer convenient, one touch access to dual 12 Amp AC power receptacles, both HDMI® and VGA video inputs, an RJ-45 network connector, and a 3.5 mm audio input jack. A customizable version—the TNP320C—is also available.


As an easy-to-use tabletop connection device, the Altinex TNP328 and TNP328S are sharp looking, highly functional tools for accessing conventional AC power outlets for the purpose of powering, for example, a notebook PC. With its hybrid video input facilities—HDMI (digital) / VGA (analog)—these sharp looking interconnect units make it a snap to connect one’s laptop computer into any meeting room’s AV presentation system. The 3.5 mm audio input jack makes it easy to output computer audio to the house loudspeaker system and the integrated RJ-45 network port makes accessing the Internet, printers, and more quick and easy.


The input plate of the TNP328 / TNP328S is accessed by pushing down on the top cover. The unit then auto-tilts open with assistance from an internal pneumatic spring. Once open, the input plate remains securely in place. The input plate is hidden, or closed, by pressing down on the top cover until the latching mechanism engages. In its closed position, the top panel lies flush with the table’s top, held in place by the latching mechanism. This secure fit also means less chance for paperwork to catch the TNP328’s edges when being passed across a table—so documents remain clean and professional in appearance.


Grant Cossey, Altinex Vice President of Sales, commented on the company’s new TNP328 and TNP328S Interconnect Boxes, “Our TNP328 and TNP328S Tilt ‘N Plug interconnect boxes are the ideal choice for a hybrid interconnect solution that also offers dual AC sockets and network access. Over the years, we’ve had numerous requests for a Tilt ‘N Plug unit that is slightly smaller than our standard TNP models but not as small as our Tilt ‘N Plug Jr. offerings. Here too, these new units are spot on. In addition to the flexibility provided by these two new models, we also offer the TNP320C, which is a customizable version. By visiting either the TNP328 or TNP328S pages, there is a link that enables site visitors to configure the unit exactly to their liking. With two great looking finishes and the ability to be customized, there’s a lot of bang for the buck with these new units.”


The Altinex TNP328 and TNP328S interconnect boxes are in stock and available now. The units’ passive cables are 6 feet long and are bundled together for organized cable management. The power cable is split to deliver power to both outlets on the tabletop from a single AC plug. MSRP for these new interconnect solutions is as follows:


  • TNP328: $369.
  • TNP328S: $369.
  • TNP320C: $449.