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Altinex, a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions®, is pleased to introduce the TNP355C Tilt ‘N Plug Power Plus Box. Combining the legendary ease of use characteristic of all Altinex Tilt ‘N Plug units, the new TNP355C combines ready access to dual AC power outlets and dual USB charging ports—all in a stunning chrome finished housing that brings a hi-tech aesthetic to any boardroom or meeting space.


The new TNP355C is a compact, easy access power solution designed for mounting into tables, podiums, or other furniture as part of a meeting room presentation system. Power and USB charging ports are accessed by pushing down on the top cover—allowing the unit to tilt open. When finished, simply press down on the TNP355C’s top and the power sockets and USB ports are, once again, recessed into the table. When closed, the TNP355C’s low profile design lies almost flush with the tabletop—enabling meeting participants to easily pass papers back and forth without the worry of documents getting caught on the unit’s edges.


Of particular note, the TNP355C’s bezel is extremely high quality. Manufactured with exacting attention to detail in Altinex’ state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, the bezel is smooth and blemish free, thus enabling the unit’s chrome finish to glisten. Likewise, the TNP355C’s top cover is also chrome. The result is a tabletop power access box that looks right at home in the most hi-tech environments.


The TNP355C tabletop solution offers dual AC sockets capable of delivering up to 12 Amps AC along with two USB ports that can deliver up to 3Amps of charging power indicated by a green LED light. This tabletop solution was specially designed for use with USB compatible devices. With the TNP355C installed, meeting participants have ready access to power for their laptop computers and a quick and easy means of charging devices like tablets and smartphones. It’s the ideal power source for any meeting space.


Grant Cossey, Altinex Vice President of Sales, commented on the company’s new TNP355C Tilt ‘N Plug Power Plus Box. “The new TNP355C is a beautiful solution for providing readily accessible power for meeting participants,” says Cossey. “With the proliferation of smartphones and tablets in today’s workplace, it makes perfect sense to supply easy access to power for charging purposes. As laptop computers are also a regular part of any meeting environment, the combination of USB charging ports and AC charging sockets make the TNP355C the perfect power source.”


The new Altinex TNP355C offers the convenience of ready access to power, UL listing for safety assurance, a GFI power cable for safety, mirror smooth chrome plating for a hi-tech appearance, a smooth precision lifting design, easy installation, and a 3 year warranty. MSRP for the Altinex TNP355C is $475. Units are available now.