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Altinex, a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions®, is pleased to introduce the UT260-052 Under Table 5X2 HDMI Switcher. The UT260-052 is a 5 input / 2 output digital switcher and is designed to be used with Altinex ShareTime collaborative display controllers that enable shared control of multiple inputs on a single monitor. With a lightweight, compact form factor, fast switching on all HDMI inputs, and low power consumption, the UT260-052 makes a terrific choice for managing the various signals typically required for huddle spaces and similarly compact meeting room environments.


The UT260-052 switcher has 5 HDMI video inputs that can be routed to 2 outputs. In addition to the 5 external inputs, there is a sixth internal media player input available to play MPEG files from a USB flash drive that can serve as a screensaver or for a company’s logo presentation. Each of the five inputs is paired with an LED to indicate the presence of a signal. Input selection is supported through any of the following: Altinex ShareTime controllers, TCP/IP commands using a third-party controller, Altinex tabletop units with display select (Show Me) support, and automatic switching to the last input connected.


TV power (or power for a video display with support for CEC commands) and input selection on the UT260-052 is controlled through the use of CEC commands from the switcher. At power up or upon waking the system, the switcher turns on the TVs and then sets the TV inputs to those connected to the switcher outputs. The entire system is ready to go in just a few seconds. No TV remote controls are necessary. The TVs must be CEC compatible and the CEC option must be enabled.


Additionally, the UT260-052 switcher can be used with the Altinex VP500-102 Digital Scaler. The UT260-052 switcher provides power for the scaler using a standard minimum 28AWG 3 ft. HDMI cable; no external scaler power is required. The scaler can be used to drive a constant resolution to a display—preventing annoying on screen messages such as loss of signal or input resolution changes.


Jack Gershfeld, President of Altinex, commented on the company’s new UT260-052 Under Table 5X2 HDMI Switcher, “The new UT260-052 is an invaluable addition to our ShareTime huddle room solutions. With its compact, lightweight design, the unit can easily be kept out of sight while providing a wealth of functionality for a variety of sources during meetings and training sessions. This new switcher is HDMI compliant with HDCP and CEC features and, thus, brings a high degree of compatibility with equipment from other manufacturers—making it a terrific choice for any huddle space.”


The Altinex UT260-052 Under Table 5X2 HDMI Switcher is available now. MSRP pricing is $ 1,045.00.