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Altinex, a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions®, is pleased to introduce the TP315-103 Anywire transmitter and TP315-104 Anywire receiver. An expansion of the company’s popular Anywire product line, the new TP315-103 and TP315-104 facilitate the transmission of live video and computer video signals with synchronized audio over long distances using conventional AC power extension cords, which can readily be purchased at any hardware store. This innovative new video transmission system is ideally suited for temporary digital signage applications and use low cost power extension cables to provide both power and video signal to a display.


The new Altinex TP315-103 HDMI over power extension cable Anywire transmitter supports video signals up to 1080p. The unit features four 15-amp AC outlets with embedded HDMI signal capability, which can then transmit both power and the HDMI feed to four TP315-104 receivers. Power cords up to 100 feet in length are supported. Further, the transmitter incorporates a loop out connector for driving a local video monitor. For added convenience, the TP315-103 also provides IR (Infrared) support for remote control of cable TV and related output boxes.


The new Altinex TP315-104 HDMI over power extension cable Anywire receiver is the companion product to the TP315-103 transmitter. This receiver connects to the AC socket of the power extension cord and, in addition to taking power, accepts the HDMI signal. The receiver provides four AC power outlets with embedded HDMI as well as a dedicated HDMI output—enabling, for example, the HDMI port to feed the display monitor while one of the AC power outlets supplies power to the display. As all four AC outlets provide an HDMI feed, the TP315-104 can act as a relay for both power and video signal to further expand the system. With its compact form factor, the TP315-104 can be easily hidden for a clean, aesthetically pleasing setup.


Jack Gershfeld, President of Altinex, commented on the company’s new TP315-103 Anywire transmitter and TP315-104 Anywire receiver, “The new TP315-103 and TP315-104 represent an innovative solution for distributing video and audio in the form of High Definition 1080p signal using common power extension cords. The TP315-103’s loop out provides a convenient means of feeding a local monitor—enabling one to know exactly what is visible at the opposite end of the distribution chain. Equally importance for AV integrators, the TP315-103 is designed to protect against the HDMI signal feeding back into the wall power outlet. This makes it possible to drive two or more entirely different HDMI video feeds from the same AC power circuit to different monitors without interfering with each other.”


The Altinex Anywire TP315-103 and TP315-104 HDMI over power extension cable transmitter / receiver system will be available late March 2017. Orders are now being accepted.  MSRP is as follows:


  • TP315-103 transmitter: $595.00
  • TP315-104 receiver:     $495.00