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Altinex, a leading manufacturer of Signal Management Solutions®, is pleased to announce it is the first in the AV market to receive the UL listing for installation in kitchens, bathrooms and countertops* of numerous models in its TNP Series of tabletop interconnect boxes. With this new designation, numerous models within the TNP product line—from small single line AC-equipped models through the company’s largest units—can now be safely installed into custom kitchen counters, bars, or any other location where water is typically splashed. The result is greater installation flexibility for AV integrators and enhanced safety for end users that is backed by UL’s rigorous safety standards.


Those models within the Altinex TNP Series product line that now have the new UL listing include small single AC line TNP units such as the TNP120, TNP121/121S, TNP125/125S, and TNP128/128S. Dual AC line TNP models with this new designation include the TNP150C, TNP151/151S, and TNP155/155S. Large TNP models with this listing include the TNP328/328S and the company’s largest models with this designation include the TNP528/528S and the TNP530.


Jack Gershfeld, President of Altinex, commented on the company’s new UL listing, “Altinex Tilt ‘N Plug Series interconnect boxes have been a staple of the AV installation market for years and this new UL approval is a huge step forward for both integrators and end users alike. With this new UL listing, numerous models within our TNP Series product line can now be safely—and confidently—installed in locations that had limited AV installation choices. With this new designation, our products can be deployed in coffee houses, restaurants, taverns, and numerous other venues where drinks are a routine part of the landscape. This new UL listing opens up additional opportunities for today’s AV integrator and I’m confident they will find many new applications for these products.”


Altinex TNP Series interconnect boxes come in a wide variety of configurations, many of which can be customized. The TNP Series products with UL listing range in price from $395.00 – $695.00. These units are available now with the last letter in the model number designated as “W”.


*  (US only)