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During Infocomm 2016, we repeatedly demonstrated the AnyWire HDMI extender solution. The AnyWire HDMI extender provides a point to point video transmission over many different types of cables including twisted pair, coax, speaker wire, 22AWG wires, electrical wire, and more.

The power of the AnyWire solution is rooted in the robust TP315-101 transmitter and TP315-102 receiver circuit that are able to transmit and recover a video stream using different cable types. Automatic gain control and impedance matching assures flawless performance under many difficult conditions.

Recently I had a call from a pastor at a church who was retrofitting an old NTSC video system with the newer HDMI setup. The only cable he had running to the overflow room and the main projector was a single RG-59 coaxial cable. The main projector was 180ft and the overflow room display was 250ft away.

“Is there anything I can do to minimize the installation cost?” he asked.

Blog 07052016 - Figure 1
Figure 1: Sending single video source to two displays is simple with AnyWire

“Why not try AnyWire to simplify installation?” I replied. “You only need one transmitter and two receivers to accomplish your task.” And this is exactly how the system was designed.

One additional wrinkle helped assure the best performance. The output from the AnyWire receiver is about 0.3 seconds delayed from the transmitter. That delay is due to signal processing and recovery process. If a sound reinforcement system needs to be installed, the audio needs to be extracted from the receiver end to avoid audio delay.

Blog 07052016 - Figure 2

Figure 2: AnyWire resolves retrofit installation problem

The AnyWire HDMI extender enabled the user to send 1080p video signal from a single location to two independent displays using RG-59 cable. Each AnyWire extender can transmit signal to four AnyWire receivers connected using a star configuration or daisy chaining. A local power audio amplifier provided the necessary sound reinforcement.

The AnyWire HDMI system is available now. If you want to give it a test drive, please give us a call or shoot us an email and we will arrange for a demo to be shipped to you.