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Recently, one of my customers asked me if it was possible to install a retractor inside of a wall. This application was an interesting prospect as it makes a retractor available next to a wall-mounted TV. It also opened up an opportunity for an easy lectern-mounted retractor. Considering how small Altinex retractors are, and that they are tested for 10,000 retracts, I decided to give it a try.


Each end of an Altinex retractor is 4 feet long. That product provides sufficient cable length to mount a retractor near a TV set or in a lectern. For this application, I selected the RT300-125 HDMI retractor due to its popularity with installers. This cable has a built-in amplifier to assure crystal clear 1080p images.

Blog 12102015 - Figure 1 - Ultra compact HDMI retractor RT300-125Figure 1: Ultra compact HDMI retractor RT300-125

Another retractor that can be used for this application is the RT300-101. This HDMI retractor has a built-in TV ShareTime controller. The ShareTime controller is able to automatically turn a TV on or off and select the correct input.

Blog 12102015 - Figure 2 - Ultra compact HDMI retractor RT300-101 with controllerFigure 2: Ultra compact HDMI retractor RT300-101 with built-in controller

The next component I needed was a wall mounted bracket. Checking with our engineers revealed that we do not have this type of adapter. I sent a request to engineering to design one, quickly receiving feedback and a 3D model.

Blog 12102015 - Figure 3 - 3D model of wall mounted bracketFigure 3: 3D model of the wall mounted bracket

I wanted to see how this bracket would work when installed into a drywall or a wood cover. Another trip to the engineering department and I was almost ready to call my customer and tell him that we have a solution.

Blog 12102015 - Figure 4 - 3D model of the retractor and mounting bracketFigure 4: 3D drawing of the retractor and mounting bracket

I had a few minor details to work out before this could be presented to my customer. I contacted marketing to assign part numbers for three different brackets: AC225-125B (black), AC225-125I (ivory), and AC225-125W (white), spoke to the production department to get materials cost and lead time, and finally went to Internet Operations to determine web site visibility date for the bracket.

With those details out of the way, I needed to review mechanical dimensions for proper fit. The RT300-125 is very small, measuring only 4.9” x 4.9” (125mm x 125mm), but would it fit inside a 2×4 wall thickness?

A quick check of a 2×6 (1.5” x  5.5” actual size) wall stud and ½” drywall reveals that we may have enough space to make it work.

Blog 12102015 - Figure 5 - 3D drawing of the retractor and mounting bracketFigure 5: 3D drawing of the retractor and mounting bracket

The work was now done, my customer was notified of the solution, the bracket went into production, and now it was time to brew some hot tea and wait for magic to happen. Based on the feedback from scheduling, we should have them in stock and available to ship in a few weeks.

For 2×4 wall, we have another design that allows retractor to extend outside the wall. These mounting brackets are available in white, beige, and black colors.

Blog 12142015 - Figure 6 - Mounting retractor in a 2x4 size wallFigure 6: Mounting retractor in a 2×4 size wall