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Tilt-N-Plug Jr. – Tabletop Interconnect Box Continental Europe

  • Semi-compact enclosure
  • Mounts into tabletop
  • Offers single input plate
  • Opens/closes by pressing on top panel
  • Multimedia and Continental European-compatible power connectors
  • All signals pass through to the underside of the table
  • For Sale only in Europe
  • As seen in the Altinex Table Top Interconnect Guide
  • Downloadable cutout template available
  • Ten year warranty
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  TNP421 Overview

The TNP421 belongs to the family of International Tilt ‘N Plug Jr. series with pass-through connectors and a power socket for systems in Continental European countries including Germany, France, Spain and Italy. It is a compact interconnection solution designed for installation into a table as part of a presentation system.


The Tilt ‘N Plug Jr. model TNP421 contains a standard AC power outlet compatible with many Central European power systems, and it is designed for installation into a table presentation system. The TNP421 provides access to computer video, audio, network, telephone, and AC power connections when needed, and stores them neatly when not needed.

The input plate is accessed by pushing down on the top panel releasing the pneumatic spring inside the unit and tilting the input plate into view. Once opened, the input plate remains securely in place. Pressing down on the top panel closes the lid, allowing the top panel to lie flush with the tabletop.

The TNP421 provides a single input plate with Computer Video (15-pin HD), Computer Audio (3.5mm Stereo jack), and Network (RJ45) input connections. The unit can also be customized with different connections and colors. To do so, please refer to the TNP421C.

The network signals are passed through the unit with connection to the network system being made under the table. No signal processing or buffering takes place.



ALTINEX products are protected by the following patents: 6802577, D437827, D556139, D457137, D466868, D455716, D455123, D454541, D449819



  Application Diagram





Sorry! But the product designer is not adapted for your device. Please use a device with a larger screen!