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1. Remove the Tilt and Plug unit from a table. Place the unit on a flat surface and position it so that you have access to the bottom of the unit, the support brace, and the gas spring.

2. Using a small flathead screwdriver or needle nose pliers, carefully remove the retaining ring (A) from the lower retainer pin (B).


3. Carefully slide the gas spring cylinder (C) off of the lower retainer pin (B).

CAUTION! The gas spring may still possess tension and may push against you once you have removed it from the lower retainer pin.

4. In a similar fashion as step 2, remove the retaining ring (D) from the upper retainer pin (E).

5. Slide the upper retainer pin (E) from the chassis flange.

6. Remove the gas spring (C) and replace with new part (Part # TNP121-SPRING)

7. Replace the upper retainer pin (E), guiding it through the chassis flange and upper gas spring anchor.

8. Using needle nose pliers or a similar tool, replace the retaining ring (D) on the upper retainer pin (E). The ring should fit snuggly into the groove on the pin.

9. Carefully compressing the gas spring cylinder, align the lower anchor onto the lower retainer pin (B).

10. Replace the retaining ring (A) onto the lower retainer pin (B).