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In the last few years I have had many customers request UL listed table top units that can be mounted in a kitchen or restroom. Until now, this was not an option.

Thanks to hard work by our engineers, many of our tabletop units are now listed for safe installation in “wet locations,” which include areas that can have splashing water nearby. I am very excited that next time my customers ask me if our units can be safely installed in a kitchen, the answer will be resounding “Yes!”

Details on UL listings for “Wet Locations”

It is not easy to qualify a product for wet location installations. After working with UL for some time, we developed a design that would pass their stringent safety tests. One of the required tests is to pour one gallon of salt water over the unit and still provide safety against electrical shock.

Another test required ten thousand cycles of opening and closing the top cover to make sure that all grounding remains intact. That roughly translates into five years of continuous use of the product. There are other tests that stress units to their limits to assure absolute safety for the user.

TNP328_mainFigure 1: TNP328 and many other models passed the test with flying colors

Now that all of the tests have been completed, the UL test lab is satisfied, and the listing is issued, we needed to provide an easy way to order the products designated as “Wet Locations.” The following models are qualified for UL listing and are available immediately.

TNP, Single AC
TNP120C TNP121 TNP121S TNP125 TNP125S TNP128 TNP128S

TNP, Dual AC
TNP150C TNP151 TNP151S TNP155 TNP155S

Large TNP
TNP320C TNP328 TNP328S

TNP Tower
TNP528 TNP530 TNP530C

TNP155_mainFigure 2: TNP155 with dual charging USB ports is UL listed for wet locations

To order table top units to be installed in wet locations, specify the letter “W” after the model number. For example, TNP328W would designate the standard TNP328 with the wet location option. If you are building a TNP128S with silver bezel and cover, change the model number TNP128SW to designate it for wet locations.