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I recently talked to a customer that needed to transmit HDMI video signal to a display from a Denon AVR-2310CI receiver using Altinex’s Anywire system. The difficulty was that when the receiver was turned off using the RS-232 port, and then later turned ON using RS-232 port, the display would not show the image from Anywire. After a few minutes of troubleshooting, we found the problem and a viable solution.

Setup Details

The output from the Denon receiver is an HDMI signal that can be directly connected to a display using standard HDMI cable. This output can also be connected to an AnyWire transmitter to enable the user to send HDMI signal up to 900 feet over any type of wire.

Blog 07252016 - Figure 1 - Output from Denon

Figure 1: Output from a Denon receiver is HDMI format

Blog 04192016 - Figure 1 - Anywire systemFigure 2: The AnyWire system can transmit HDMI signal over 900 feet

A peculiar thing happens when AnyWire system is connected to the Denon receiver. When it is turned OFF using the RS-232 port, the HDMI output maintains 5 volts on HDMI connector, which signals to AnyWire that the HDMI signal is still present and there is no need to do anything.

Blog 07252016 - Figure 3 - RS-232 port on Denon

Figure 3: RS-232 port on the Denon receiver can be used to turn unit ON and OFF

This interaction between AnyWire and Denon creates a situation when the output from the Denon receiver is not enabled after power ON/OFF command is executed. To resolve this issue, we connected AnyWire to the switchable AC outlet on the back of the Denon.

Blog 07252016 - Figure 4 - Switchable AC outlet

Figure 4: Switchable AC outlet on Denon receiver

With this configuration, when the Denon receiver is turned OFF using RS-232, the AnyWire transmitter is turned OFF at the same time. Once the RS-232 command turns the receiver back ON, the Anywire transmitter is turned back ON and is properly initialized to transmit HDMI signal.

What Is Not Working?

Now that a solution has been found and the customer is happy with the installation, we wanted to know what is not working. We determined that when the Denon receiver is turned ON using RS-232 port and HDMI cable is unplugged and plugged back in, then we get the image and everything works well.

We traced the problem to the HDMI Control function on the Denon receiver. If the HDMI Control is turned OFF, then there is no way for AnyWire to know that the Denon receiver is being powered OFF and ON.

Blog 07252016 - Figure 5 - HDMI Control function interfered

Figure 5: HDMI Control function interfered with the proper AnyWire function

Considering that we already have a solution, we decided not to change it as it provides additional power savings and makes installation a little bit greener.