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Press Releases

  • Altinex Announces Expansion to Company's Popular Muse Product Line

    Altinex is pleased to announce the availability of two new additions to the company’s popular Muse HDMI+Power+IR+RS-232 signal management and distribution system.  The new MU400-123 transmitter and MU500-122 receiver units, with their bi-directional capabilities, provide newfound potential for the most demanding AV installations.

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  • Altinex Announces ST100-001 ShareTime® Collaboration System

    Altinex announces the ST100-001 ShareTime Collaboration System. Resembling a flash drive in appearance, the ShareTime adapter connects through any HDMI® cable to an HDMI display. Using CEC (Consumer Electronics Control) control signals, ShareTime enables users to turn the display on and select different inputs just by touching the top surface of the ShareTime adapter. Users can connect as many ShareTime devices as the number of inputs on the display or the number of inputs on the CEC compatible HDMI switcher permits.

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  • Altinex Debuts SP3502SC Interconnect Plate for PNP400 and TBL100 Series Interconnect Systems

    We are pleased to announce the SP3502SC Interconnect Plate for the company’s PNP400 and TBL100 Series interconnect systems. This compact hybrid interconnect solution provides the perfect combination of audio, video, network access, and power / charging facilities to enable business and education professionals to quickly and conveniently connect their laptops, tablets, and other devices into a presentation space to make the necessary connections for the sharing of materials.

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  • Altinex Announces Price Restructuring on Tabletop Interconnect Units

    Attention integrators! We are pleased to announce a dramatic price restructuring on the entire range of tabletop connectivity solutions, including the Tilt-N-Plug, Tilt-N-Plug Jr, Pop-N-Plug, Cable-Nook, Cable-Nook Jr, Table Buddy, and Under Table series of interconnect solutions. In addition to more competitive pricing for all models—both present and future—the restructuring results in greater selection and value while preserving the ability to quickly order custom configured interconnect units.

  • Streamline Presentation Environments with the Altinex MX2106AV

    Altinex is pleased to announce the availability of the MX2106AV 2-In / 2-Out VGA Auto + Audio Switcher. Supporting automatic or manual switching, the MX2106AV is ideal for presentation spaces requiring the flexibility to alternate between two computer sources and simultaneously output to two displays or a single display plus local monitor. The unit is available either stand –alone or as part of the MX2106AV Pack, which also includes the RC5208CC Contact Switch Box for manual switch override of the system.

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  • Altinex Announces Availability of TNP151 / TNP151C Interconnect Boxes

    Altinex announces the availability of the TNP151 and TNP151C (custom) Interconnect Boxes to the ever-expanding line of Tilt ‘N Plug interconnect offerings. Available in both standard and custom configurations, the TNP151 and TNP151C interconnect boxes offer convenient, one touch access to network and AC power connections—making the tabletop connection point attractive for any boardroom or conference room table.

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  • Altinex Debuts AC301-250 Dual Button Controller

    Altinex is pleased to introduce the AC301-250 Dual Button Controller for use with the company’s UT250-101 under table switcher. The AC301-250 works in conjunction with external video and audio inputs mounted into the boardroom table, underneath the table, or anywhere else in the room. With the AC301-250, users can direct their laptop’s video output to either or both of the switcher’s two dual outputs.

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