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ALTINEX has been the leading ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of modular audiovisual signal management solutions since 1993. We manufacture a complete line of computer video interfaces, distribution amplifiers, switchers, matrix switchers, special application products, cables, and related accessories, software, and a large variety of furniture connectivity products.

Signal Management Solutions™ is used to handle the routing of computer video, broadcast video, audio, and control signals in presentation systems which can range from a small meeting room to a multi-faceted large boardroom or conference room. The current product line includes a full array of designer solutions, interfaces, distribution amplifiers, switchers, matrix switchers, converters, special application products, cables, and accessories.

Jack Gershfeld, a pioneer in computer video interfacing technology, founded ALTINEX in 1993. Company headquarters are located in Placentia, California where all engineering, production, sales, marketing, customer support, and shipping activities take place. ALTINEX is one of the manufacturers of signal management, connectivity solutions, and cabling to achieve an ISO 9001 certified level of quality. ALTINEX facilities have achieved and maintained the most comprehensive level of certification among the ISO 9000 family of international standards.

Many ALTINEX customers are large system integrators who expect their vendors to adhere to the same strict quality procedures that they follow in their own operations.  ALTINEX products are marketed throughout the United States by a network of manufacturers representatives, pro audiovisual dealers, and systems integrators. ALTINEX products are also offered by pro audiovisual distributors in many other countries and regions throughout the world, including Canada, Mexico, South America, Europe, Israel, South Africa, China, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, and Australia.

ALTINEX distinguishes itself by offering innovative solutions that deliver high performance and reliability and are easy to use, easy to install, and easy to maintain.