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The Homerun transmits and receives HDMI video up to 1080p and computer resolutions to 1400×1050 over a local area 1G/10G network. Transmission can be made up to 390 ft. (120 m) over a single CAT5e/6 via point to point connection, as one to many or many to many using an Ethernet switch.


A single network supports up to 64 transmitters (TP115-401) and 180 receivers (TP115-402). The TP115‑401 transmitters are one to one or one to many configurable. The TP115-402 receiver is designed to allow video to be displayed from any TP115-401 transmitter on the same network. The routing is configurable on-the-fly (real time), allowing one or many receivers to accept video from any transmitter.



The TP115‑401 and TP115‑402 are identifiable over the network using UDP broadcast to obtain individual IP and MAC addresses of each unit. The TP115‑401 has a local (breakout) analog audio output which supports the local monitor output.


The TP115‑401 Transmitter and TP115‑402 Receiver can be widely used in various locations, like meeting rooms, classrooms, etc.