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The MultiTasker Universal AV system has been around since early 2000 and recently was updated to a digital format. It has been installed in thousands of locations, including operating rooms, board rooms, amusement parks, libraries, churches, mobile command centers, ships, courtrooms, and universities. The MultiTasker AV system offers unparalleled flexibility of designing any AV system while consolidating power, control, and space.

The MultiTasker system is easy to configure, easy to update, easy to install, easy to use, and easy to control. Two enclosures, 12 and 20 slots enable designers to configure AV system with HDMI matrix switching, relays and RS-232 controls, AC power control, audio matrix, HDMI over IP, HDMI over CAT-6 and much more. The limit is your imagination.


The MultiTasker line of products includes a 12-slot MT302-121 and 20-slot enclosure MT302-201. Both enclosures are compatible and can be controlled through a TCP/IP network protocol or RS-232 port.  The front panel provides information on individual cards and the IP address of the enclosure. A single button operation enables users to scan through each card and assure proper operation. 

Each slot can be used for a variety of plug-in cards to meet your system requirements. The full library of cards is available in the AVSnap design software. With all components, preloaded user can drag-and-drop them into the design page to see final MultiTasker Configuration. 

The MultiTasker comes with 2 Ethernet ports for easy control and configuration. A web-based interface provides an easy way to configure cards and view system status from your browser.

HDMI Video

The MultiTasker AV system provides many products for managing HDMI signal switching, distribution, and transition. The available cards include HDMI over CAT5, HDMI over IP, matrix switcher, distribution amplifiers, audio extractors and combiners, media players, and HDMI over fiber-optic.

The HDMI video cards can manage 2K/4K signals with HDCP 1.4 and 2.2. To minimize consumption of power, each card can be turned on and off individually when it is not used. Additional functions can be added through the custom configuration process.


The MultiTasker AV system offers unlimited control possibilities. Control cards offer relay control that can be configured as a pulse on or off, toggle, single pole or double pole with default state on power-up.

For applications that require feedback, MultiTasker offers sensor inputs to detect contact closure, voltage levels or signal transitions. Also, the I/O ports can be configured to drive LED lights for switch position indicators.

For controlling AV equipment, MultiTasker has RS-232 ports that can be configured for any baud rate to match equipment specifications. RS-232 ports have LED indicators to show when wires are correctly connected.

Additional control options are available to manage any equipment type. All ports are expandable to fit any control application.


The MultiTasker AV system can manage audio signals with ease. The audio signals can be line level, microphone level, or speaker level. Different cards are available to manage audio processing.

The line of cards includes audio matrix switchers, microphone switchers, power amplifiers,  mixers, audio players, audio combiners, audio isolators and balanced/unbalanced converters.