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Digital MultiTasker

  • Basic foundation of Digital MultiTasker solutions
  • 4U high, full rack wide
  • TCP/IP control
  • LCD display
  • ON/OFF button
  • IR receiver/IR blaster
  • Ethernet control (2 ports)
  • Lifetime warranty


Digital MultiTasker Overview

Designed as the foundation for advanced Audio Visual Systems capabilities in today’s sophisticated AV environments, the Digital Multitasker is a 4-RU, rack-mountable chassis that offers advanced AV system configuration capabilities that are controllable using network or wireless setup.

The MT302-201 supports up to 20 Digital MultiTasker cards and is equipped with 2 Ethernet ports, an IR receiver/IR blaster, and an LCD front panel. Control is accomplished through a computer, a control system, or any device capable of establishing a standard TCP socket to the MT302-201’s IP address.

The new Digital MultiTasker is controlled using TCP/IP commands or via an easy-to-use web-based interface. The unit’s front panel has an LCD to display essential information about the system and the cards installed—including the IP address of the MultiTasker on the network. The MultiTasker utilizes a simple ASCII based command set to control the individual cards installed inside the enclosure. Individual cards are referenced using their slot number as a unique identifier.


As the foundation for as many as 20 Digital MultiTasker cards, this innovative enclosure has several cutting edge cards available for use with the system.

These include the MT312-104 Control Card, the MT305-804 8×4 HDMI® Matrix Switcher, the MT315-101 HDMI Over Anywire™ Transmit Card, the MT315-102 HDMI Over Anywire Receive Card, the MT317-101 HDMI Over Fiber Optic Transmit Card, the MT317-102 HDMI Over Fiber Optic Receive Card, and the MT310-104 16×16 Stereo Audio Matrix Switcher. Additional options for the system include the MT399-101 Enclosure Rack-Mount Bracket Kit and the MT399-105 5-Piece Multitasker Card Slot Blanks for creating a clean, streamlined appearance over unused / open slots.

Click the image below for your own copy of the MultiTasker Design Guide as a PDF.


Technical Specifications

Application Diagram

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