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  • Customizable to almost any table top
  • Dual-sided connectivity holds up to eight connector plates
  • Connector plates are fully compatible with PNP400 & TNP510 series
  • Smooth new look on all sides
  • Round, rectangular, or square cut-out
  • Simple, slide-in installation
  • Opens/closes by pressing on top
  • Gas spring lift mechanism
  • Craftsman-milled edges create ultra-flat surface when closed
  • Ships with 6 ft pre-terminated cables for quick installation
  • As seen in the Altinex Table Top Interconnect Guide
  • Downloadable cutout template available
  • Ten year warranty

  PNP417C Overview

The PNP417C is a customizable dual-sided tower interconnect box that uses a custom cut-out tabletop surface for a perfect match with the table surface.


The PNP417C Pop ‘N Plug with a custom tabletop surface is the best thing that’s ever happened to your conference room! Using your table cutout, the PNP417C is attached underneath, and when closed, it matches the grain on the table perfectly.

The PNP417C design allows the connector panels to be easily installed. Just remove the top and slide the connector panels into place. In the open position, the PNP417C is functional yet maintains a smooth, clean appearance.

As a customizable dual-sided unit, the PNP417C is designed with a total of two (2) plates and with the following connectors and ports on each plate: two (2) AC power, one (1) D-Sub and four (4) snap-ins. Various connector options are offered to ensure your A/V requirements are met.

Each signal connector is connected via a 6-foot cable to its corresponding male plug at the opposite end. The AC power cables are terminated with standard NEMA plugs at the end of 9-foot cables.

ALTINEX provides three pre-configured templates for the PNP417C cutouts: round, rectangular, and square. A simple press on the lid closes the unit flush with the tabletop.

ALTINEX products are protected by the following patents: D534495, D475016, D580357, D446188, D442143

  Technical Specifications



Connections (pass-through)Power Rating (pass-through AC power): 120VAC, 60Hz, 5A
Video: (2) 15-pin HD female to male
Stereo Audio: (2) 3.5mm female to male
Network: (4) RJ-45 female to male
Modem: (2) RJ-11 female to male
Power: (4) NEMA 5-15 R-P


Minimum Table Thickness: 0.500in (13mm)
Maximum Table Thickness: 1.125in (29mm)
Diameter: 4.950in (126mm)
Height Above Table (open): 4.875in (124mm)
Height Below Table: 6.986in (177mm)
Width: 6.000in (152mm)
Depth: 3.817in (97mm)
Max. weight of custom top: 22oz (0.624kg)
Finish: Matte Black
T° Operating: 10°C-35°C
T° Maximum: 40°C
Humidity: 90% non-condensing

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Sorry! But the product designer is not adapted for your device. Please use a device with a larger screen!