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  • HDMI input and output with 18Gbps (600MHz) 4K UHD support
  • 4K to 1080p scaling to support a range of displays
  • Supports HDCP 1.4 – 2.2, HDCP compliant
  • 2, 5, and 7 audio channels
  • Portable palm-sized design with easy to use front-panel controls
  • HDR bypass and analysis support
  • Source video, audio, and timing analysis
  • Analysis and emulation of EDID data
  • HDMI packet analysis
  • DVI compliant with the use of an HDMI-DVI adapter
  • Supports USB firmware update
  • Three year warranty available


  TE460-137 Overview

The TE460-137 is a portable three-in-one HDMI Signal Generation, Signal Analysis and Cable Testing tool that provides a convenient way to test and verify all aspects of an HDMI signal path.


The TE460-137 is a  portable HDMI Signal Generation and Analysis tool that provides a convenient way to test and verify all aspects of an HDMI signal path, including source and sink. This unit complies with the HDMI 2.0a and HDCP 1.4/2.2 standards. The unit’s Analyzer mode complies with the CEA standard HDR static metadata extensions CEA-861-F and CEA-861.3 for EDID analysis.

The TE460-137 is powered by a single rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. Beyond the Lithium-ion battery, the unit may also be powered (and the battery recharged) via the micro USB port. An external power bank can also be used to extend the portable service time. 4K sources can be scaled down to 1080p output in Analyzer mode to support a wider range of displays when analyzing high-bandwidth sources.

The TE460-137 has an integrated OLED display which provides a way to quickly and clearly view the current signal state or the results of signal analysis. This portable handheld design is ideal for both the professional end user and installation engineer alike.

  Technical Specifications

Table 1: TE460-137 General



Input Connectors

Digital Video + AudioHDMI F, Type A
PowerMicro USB F (1)

Output Connectors

Digital Video + AudioHDMI F, Type A


Digital Signal typesHDMI 1.4,3D
Signal resolutionUp to 4K x 2K

Accessories Included

Power supply2.4A USB Wall charger (1)
2.0 USB cable6ft, A- M /B- M cable (1)
HDMI Cable1 ft, HDMI M/M cable (1)
Lithium battery3.6V 3350MAB (1)

Table 2: TE460-137 Mechanical



Height1.06 in. (27 mm)
Width3.15 in. (80 mm)
Length4.88 in. (124 mm)
Weight0.6 lb. (0.26 kg)
T° Operating10°C-40°C
Humidity60% RH non-condensing
MTBF (calculations)38,000 hrs.

Table 3: TE460-137 Electrical



Video Input Signals

Digital Video + AudioHDMI Standard

Output Signals

Digital Video + AudioHDMI Standard



  Application Diagram