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  • 1U high, full rack wide
  • UL listed
  • Black finish
  • Three AC sockets (12 Amp Total) with 3ft Power Cable
  • Two port USB charger with US plug
  • Two 2.0 charging USB A/A Keystone couplers
  • Two USB A-M to USB A-M (1ft) cables
  • Eight ports
  • All ports are XLR compatible
  • Standard magnetic labels included
  • Custom magnetic labels available with additional cost
  • Six blank covers for unused ports


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  UT240-600 Overview

The UT240-600 is a 1U high power/charging rack-mounted plate with customizable ports. The plate has two AC power sockets on the front of the plate and one AC power socket on the back side of the plate. A USB charger, two (2) USB cables, two (2) 2.0 USB-A/A Keystone couplers, and magnetic labels are provided as accessories. The ports and labels may easily be reconfigured in the field. 


The UT240-600 is 1U high full rack wide power/charging plate for AV rack with three power sockets providing up to 12A total power. Two power sockets are located on the front side of plate for convenient access. One power socket and a single power cord are located on the back side of the plate.

Two of the eight customizable ports can easily be converted to USB charging ports using accessories provided with UT240-600. Just install the dual output USB charger (5V, Total 3.4A Output) into the rear AC socket followed by the USB keystone couplers into the left two ports next to the power sockets. Then, connect the couplers to the USB charger using the USB cables which are provided.

All eight ports can easily be customized in the field using different types of connectors/cables. Each port opening is compatible with XLR type connectors or Keystone snap-in connectors. The Keystone connectors use the inserts provided with the unit and are easily installed into the port openings from the back side of the plate.

The UT240-600’s unique design allows users to reposition or remove the magnetic labels. Blank covers can be installed into the Keystone ports to cover unused ports.

  Technical Specifications

Table 1 UT240-600 General 



Pass-Through (front to back)

AC PowerThree NEMA Receptacle to plug
3 ft (1 m) cord
Audio/VideoEight empty ports for custom

Accessories Included

USB ChargerTwo port USB charger with US plug
USB Cable2x USB A-M to USB A-M (1ft)
USB Couplers2x USB 2.0 A-F/A-F Keystone Type
Port adapter/inserts8x Keystone type
Cover8x Blank covers
Label8x Magnetic labels

Table 2 UT240-600 Mechanical


UT240-600 Series

Height1.75 in (44 mm)
Width19 in (483 mm)
Depth5.1 in (130mm)
Maximum Shipping Weight*2 lb. (0.9 kg)
T° Operating [T° Maximum]10°C-35°C [50°C]
Humidity90% non-condensing

Table 3 UT240-600 Electrical


UT240-600 Series

Pass-Through AC12 A max.
(total through all receptacles)

  Application Diagram



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