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  • Installs into tabletop
  • Convenient access to cable ends or fixed connectors
  • Modular configuration: more room for additional connectors
  • Clear brushed aluminum finish
  • Simple, cost-effective interconnect solution
  • UL/cUL listed CNK-IP-200 power module:
  • 12 Amp AC capacity
  • Two USB ports 3 Amps total, 5VDC, Type A, 2.0
  • Comes with 9.5 ft. (2.9 m) power cable terminated with a single male plug
  • Refer to SP1104SC for customizable options
  • As seen in the Altinex Table Top Interconnect Guide
  • Downloadable cutout template available
  • Ten year warranty
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  CNK210S Overview


The CNK210S provides a simple, effective way of hiding/storing multimedia cables and connectors and is designed for boardrooms and conference rooms. The cables remain connected to a presentation system, enabling the user to access connections to AC power, video, audio, and other media sources.


This product includes the CNK200S Cable-Nook Modular Tabletop Interconnect Box and the SP3504SC Standard Configuration Plate. The SP3504SC provides AC power, dual USB charging ports, video and audio connectors for both VGA and digital video. Additionally, this plate has six blank snap‑in ports with 2pcs of black RJ45 F/F connectors (SN1318-RJ45-B) pre-populated, and 6pcs of blank snap-in connectors (CM11301) provided separately, or you can purchase a variety of snap‑ins from Altinex. The video, audio, and snap-in connectors are bulk‑head style connectors. The bottom (or inside) connectors can connect to off‑the‑shelf cables which connect permanently to the presentation system.

  Technical Specifications



Slots Available23
Min. Table Thickness0.5in (13mm)
Max. Table Thickness3.5in (89mm)

Housing Dimensions

Height4.7in (119mm)
Width6.0in (153mm)
Depth4.7in (119mm)

Bezel Dimensions (Surface)

Width7.9in (200mm)
Depth6.5in (166mm)
ColorClear Brushed Aluminum
Tº Operating10ºC ~ 35ºC
Tº Maximum50ºC
Humidity90% non-condensing
MTBF (Calculations)40,000hrs (min.)

Accessories Included

Mounting HardwareThumb Screws (2)
Mounting Brackets (2)

  Application Diagram


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Identical to the CNK200 but with a clear brushed (“Silver”) finish for the bezel.



Pre-configured CNK200 Cable-Nook with SP3504SC Decora Insert plate. Dual US AC power, Dual charging 5VDC USB Ports (3 Amps total), HDMI, VGA & Audio and 2 RJ45 Network port pass thru connectors with 4 empty snap-in ports to use any of our CM series snap-in assemblies.


Preconfigured face plate with CNK-IP-200 AC power and charging USB module.


Standard Configuration Plate for CNK210 and CNK210S. CNK-IP-200 power module with UL/cUL dual AC & dual charging (3 amp total) USB ports, CNK-IP-212 module with panel mounted HDMI, VGA & dual 3.5mm audio jacks and CNK-IP-211 6-port Keystone snap in module preconfigured with 2x black RJ45 barrel connectors and 4 blank covers


Single gang Decora style power module with dual AC & dual charging (3 amp total) USB ports. UL/cUL listed.


3-position face plate for CNK200 for Decora style inserts. Use with all CNK-IP-2xx components.


6-port Keystone snap in module with 6 blank covers. Use with our Snap-In Connector Assemblies. 


Hybrid Decora style plate with HDMI/VGA & audio. Pass through style.


Analog Decora style plate with dual VGA & audio. Pass through style.


Digital Decora style plate with dual HDMI & audio. Pass through style.


Decora style plate with 3x 0.625in (15.88mm) grommet holes. Split design for simple cable insertion.


Decora style plate with panel mounted VGA pass through and 4 Keystone snap in ports for use with our Snap-In Connector Assemblies.


Decora style plate with panel mounted HDMI pass through and 4 Keystone snap in ports for use with our Snap-In Connector Assemblies.

Snap-In Connector Assemblies

A wide range of Snap-In Connector Assemblies is available to configure your connections, exactly as you need them